French Property Law – A Question Answered

My wife and I are considering buying a property in France. We both have children from a previous marriage. What things should we be considering when we buy?There are two main issues you should consider – succession and inheritance tax. Many couples don’t and end up incurring costs because they have to restructure their affairs so they can meet their objectives. Don’t get swept along by fulfilling your dream of owning a property in France without considering these important points early on.How you buy the property between you will dictate what will happen when one of you dies. Legal advice on your specific circumstances is recommended. Each case is different – it’s not a matter of ‘one size fits all’.The first step is to identify who you want to own, and have use of, the property on each death. You’d need to look at this in the round, taking into account how the rest of your estate is to be distributed on death. You should then consider whether you will be restricted by law in what you want to achieve.French law will apply to the succession of the property on the death of an owner. Protected heirs (known as heritiers reservataires) have fixed inheritance rights to a minimum portion of your estate which is governed by French law. Protected heirs are usually your children. You may be surprised to know that a surviving spouse has only limited protection under French law. In some circumstances other family members may have inheritance rights – but in your case we are concerned about you, your wife and your children.There are two forms of joint outright ownership of property – tontine and indivision. The default position is indivision in equal shares. If you want to reflect unequal contributions in the purchase deed it’s important to raise this with your legal adviser. If you own en indivision, on each of your deaths French law will dictate who is to inherit your portion of the property. For example, if you die before your wife, your children will have inheritance rights in respect of your share, leading to joint ownership with your wife. You’ll need to think about whether this is likely to cause any problems for any of them. Might there be an issue if your wife remarries, wants to occupy the property permanently, wants to sell, or doesn’t have a good relationship with your children? Also, would the divorce or financial difficulties of a child have an adverse impact on your wife’s interest in the property?Buying a property en tontine involves a system of automatic survivorship. It’s a contractual arrangement between you whereby the last surviving owner is deemed to have been the sole owner from your purchase. This means that if you die before your wife, your children’s inheritance rights are effectively overridden and the property passes into the sole ownership of your wife. You can only insert the tontine clause at the time of purchase so you must decide whether or not this option’s for you before you buy.It’s important to understand the consequences of tontine ownership – particularly as it could lead to you disinheriting your children. Step-children have no statutory inheritance rights under French law in respect of a step-parent’s estate so if you were to die before your wife and she becomes the sole owner of the property because you had a tontine clause, on your wife’s subsequent death your own children will not be heritiers reservataires.Your legal adviser should clarify all the consequences of tontine ownership and the circumstances in which an attack could be made on the tontine clause. For example, an argument could arise over the validity of the clause if you and your wife didn’t make equal contributions to the purchase price, saying you have used the tontine clause to disguise a gift made from one to the other.Another option is to sign a change of matrimonial property regime deed. You can have a system of community of assets (known as a communaute universelle) which has a similar effect to the tontine clause in that it gives automatic survivorship but would also apply to any future property purchased in France as well as the one you’re intending to buy now. On your death, your wife would become the sole owner of the property. However, because your children are of a previous relationship they would have the opportunity to claim the portion of your estate that they would otherwise be entitled to under French law had you not signed the matrimonial property regime deed.French succession law applies to the distribution of the French property on death because it is an immovable asset located in France. It’s possible to change the asset in your estate to a movable asset, and assuming that you intend to retain your domicile of England and Wales (if this is your domicile) then English succession law would apply to the distribution of that asset – and allow you to distribute it to whoever you choose. You would buy the property through a company structure – for example via a French SCI (Societe Civile Immobiliere) – and each subscribe cash in return for a shareholding in the company which then uses the cash to buy the property. The asset in your estate is a shareholding which could avoid the application of French inheritance law but it won’t avoid French inheritance law applying, though.Another option is to own the property in one name only – but you’d need to give careful thought to the consequences of doing this and whether it will achieve your objectives as to the distribution on the owner’s death.Once you’ve worked out the ownership option that best suit you, you’ll need to think about how French inheritance tax law will apply.French inheritance tax is calculated by reference to your beneficiaries and the tax is payable by the beneficiaries rather than coming out of the estate. Each beneficiary has a nil rate band allowance and the amount depends on the relationship of the beneficiary to the deceased person. Your children will have a nil rate band allowance of €156,974 (all figures here are for 2010) whereas stepchildren inheriting direct from you will only have an allowance of €1,570. The rate of tax for your children is calculated on a scale from 5% to 40%. A flat rate of 60% applies for stepchildren. It’s important to understand how inheritance tax law will apply because you may be able to structure your affairs to minimise the tax bill for your beneficiaries.There is a full exemption on transfers on death between spouses.You should also think about your Wills at the time of purchase. If you don’t have a Will covering the distribution of a French property then your wife would only be entitled to receive a one quarter share of your interest in the property. If it’s covered by a Will you can increase the interest she gets by giving her a choice from a number of inheritance options, one being to take a life interest – an usufruit – over your share. This can be particularly helpful because it can give her exclusive occupation of the property while avoiding a 60% tax rate on a transfer from step-parent to stepchild – and it could help to achieve equality of inheritance of the property between the children (for example, if you each have two children.) It’s essential to get advice on the pros and cons of taking an usufruit, though.Although a Will in your home country may be recognised in France, it cannot override the application of French succession law and in many circumstances it may be preferable to have a separate French Will.Your legal adviser should guide you on the laws of both your home country and of France to enable you to structure your affairs to your best advantage.

What You Will Need to Get Small Business Finance

Poor credit is no barrier to small business owners wishing to obtain business finance. When a small business owner plans to expand business and finds that he has already used up available sources of funding and getting additional finance through regular sources may be too time-consuming, then finance from “non-conventional” sources may be a better option.What would be the requirements for a business owner to obtain small business finance?A running businessStartups are precluded from obtaining this type of finance on soft terms. In order to be eligible, a business must be in operation for at least a year.A minimum amount of sales per monthSomeone who has started the business recently and is generating revenues of less than $ 10000 by way of credit card sales may not be eligible for small business funding unless the case is assessed and considered on other grounds such as a potential for growth that the owner can justify and support.Documentary proofsSmall businesses are usually proprietary types. A business owner, even one with poor credit, should not hesitate to obtain small business capital even if it means paying a higher interest amount because it can help him get back on track to fast growth. The documentation is minimal. He needs to submit proof of ownership. The other documents he must provide are bank statements for the previous six months, proof of identity and proof of residence.An applicant may wish to get small business finance within 3 to 5 days for which he should apply online and keep ready scanned copies of the above-mentioned documents. These may be uploaded along with the preliminary application. Should the application be approved he may be required to furnish printed copies.What is not required for the small business loan?• An applicant need not have a stellar credit history.
• He may not have to furnish collateral or mortgage property.
• He may not have to furnish a guarantor.It is fast. It is easy. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. An applicant must consider the factor rate applied. This is a fancy term for rate of interest though it is not specifically so mentioned. Repayment may range from 3 months to even as long as 36 months and it is tied to the credit card sales as a percentage of daily turnover or a fixed monthly amount. Should sales be high repayment is completed in a shorter time. In real terms, an applicant may end up paying processing charges plus interest that can be as high as 50% because the loan is unsecured. The best thing to do is to examine the offer and obtain such funds only from a lender who does not charge anything upfront, no processing charges and applies a moderate interest rate.It is easy to get this type of finance if one has a running business but repayment is the tough part. Small business owners would do well to keep in mind to plan to use funds to generate more revenues instead of paying off existing debts.

Payday Loans FAQs – A Quick Way To Get The Answers You Need

What Exactly Are Payday Loans Anyway?In short, payday loans are short-term loans that help you to get cash when you need it. These loans are generally repayable in a short period of time, generally on the date of your next payday. The short-term nature of the loan means that you can get cash quickly, especially when you have an emergency between pay periods.How Can You Use a Payday Loan?Payday loans can be used however you like. They can be used for anything from medical bills to home repair, and there are generally no questions asked about the purpose of the loan.Who Qualifies?Anyone over the age of eighteen and employed full-time qualifies for a payday loan. You must also have a bank account for deposit, with either checks in your name or a debit card linked to the account.How Long Does It Take To Get A Loan?Depending on the company, it may take as little as a few hours for the loan to be made. The industry standard is around two hours, with some companies taking even less time to process the loan.How Much Can I Borrow?The amount that you can borrow actually varies greatly. It is generally dependent on both your borrowing status and your pay scale. The average first time disbursement is usually under £400, but some existing borrowers may be able to borrow as much as £1000.Will a Credit Check Be Run?Most companies do not run credit checks, as your credit score is not generally taken into account when determining whether or not you can get a loan. Employment status and whether or not you actually have a bank account is far more important to these companies that the general status of your credit.What About Those With A CCJ?Those with CCJs are eligible for this type of loan. Remember, the most important thing is that you have the ability to fulfil your payment on the next payday – almost nothing else can get in the way of getting the loan. If you can prove that you will get paid enough to make your payment, the loan is virtually guaranteed.How is the Loan Received?If you are approved, the money will be electronically transferred to your bank account quite quickly. The transfer process is usually a matter of minutes, making the period of time between application and receipt of funds clock in at around two hours in most cases.Do I Have to Apply Every Time I Want A Loan?If you continue to use the same company for loans, you will generally not have to apply again. You might need to prove that you are still employed, though, to make sure that you are still eligible to receive the same amount. Make sure to always bring your paperwork with you, just in case.Can Self-Employed Individuals Get These Loans?Yes. You will need to have a cheque book, though, as well as a cheque guarantee card to satisfy most lenders, though.Can the Money Be Repaid Over Time?Yes. While it is preferred that the funds be repaid all at once, you do usually have the option of repaying funds over time by only paying the interest on the loan.What If I Cannot Repay the Money?Generally speaking, most payday loan companies will want to know if you are having difficulties repaying your loan. You should have the chance to negotiate some sort of settlement, but be warned – if you are not able to do this, the company may be forced to go into collection procedures.

Employment Law – How to Make it Work For You in a Recession!

As every media outlet in the UK and beyond has been repeatedly telling us for the past couple of months, we are already in a period of economic recession. As you will also be aware, this means a tough time for businesses small and large. A topic that might not immediately spring to mind when you think of this, however, is that of Employment Law and in particular the risks you are taking if you your employment procedures are not compliant.For both employees and employers alike, this is an area that needs to be closely inspected in case the recession reaches the low point that it is forecast to reach. Yet it’s not just the consequences of the credit crunch which might lead you to look at Employment Law a little more closely. Over the past 20 years there has been a steady rise in the amount of employees taking their employers to court over decisions that they felt, after seeking legal advice, were not in accordance with Employment Law. This has particularly been the case over the past five years since the introduction of a huge amount of protective employment law and regulations that companies now have to comply with. Although much if it is the codification of simple good practice, there are a number of areas where companies continue to trip up – indeed, it can be a minefield.It can be a traumatic experience for all parties involved, not to mention for those connected to parties involved, which is why knowledge in this field of law is especially useful. Good advice will reduce any stress and worry involved, so that you can rest assured that your procedures are watertight and potential claims are limited.There are various reasons as to why an employee might take legal action against his former (or sometimes current) employer. Three of the most frequent reasons include Harassment, Discrimination, and Unfair Dismissal.Discrimination is a common complaint, particularly since the instigation of the Human Right Acts, and it can take a number of forms. The grounds on which people are discriminated against comprise of anything including:1. Sex
2. Race
3. Disability
4. Religious Belief
5. Age
6. Sexual OrientationInstances in which it is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against you on the grounds of these include:o Refusing to employ or consider you for a job
o Offering you a job on less favourable terms than others
o Refusing to promote or transfer you to another job
o Giving you less favourable benefits than a colleague
o Shortening your working hours
o Dismissing you or making you redundantThere is a huge amount of legislation relating to the different types of discrimination and it is imperative that your company complies rather than facing the consequences of not doing so. If a disabled person was to take legal action against their employer then they would do so upon the basis of the Disability Discrimination Acts of 1995 and 2005, for example. Another illustration of this would be the 1976 Race Relations Act, which makes it unlawful for your employer to discriminate against you on the grounds of your colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins.Harassment on the grounds of sex, including sexual harassment, is considered to be direct discrimination and is strictly prohibited by law. In broad terms, harassment can occur where: Unwanted conduct on any of the areas covered by the discrimination laws is apparent; an intimidating, hostile, degrading or offensive atmosphere is created; or the person is the recipient of embarrassing jokes, offensive jokes, pranks, or unwelcome physical or sexual advances.In addition to Discrimination and Harassment, there is the matter of Unfair Dismissal. If you are an employee and feel your employer has dismissed you unfairly then you might be able to make an unfair dismissal claim to an Employment Tribunal. However, in most instances you will need to have been employed for at least a year to make a claim. The onus is on you as an employee to show you have been dismissed and your employer to show they have a valid reason for dismissing you and acted reasonably in the circumstances. An important thing to note here is that (again, in most instances) a claim must be made within 3 months of the effective date of termination. Nevertheless, this may be extended to 6 months in some situations.Ultimately, it can only be beneficial to stay abreast of Employment Law to make sure you are treated fairly and treat your employees fairly, and it is important to get professional legal advice on any matter that might lead to legal action. This knowledge, in turn, will reduce any stress on your part, which any employee or employer will admit is a welcome consideration regardless of the economic climate.

Why the Latest High Tech Spy Gadgets Are So Cool

You remember those cheap spy gadget glasses or the disappearing ink that were in back of comic books but never delivered on their promise, but that was yesterday and today there are spy gadgets that are so high tech only you will know their secrets, not to mention most spy cameras are now in high definition and can record over 8 gigs of data all while still being wireless and affordable.I know what your thinking and your right, spy gadgets are evil little electronics designed to trick us or catch us off guard, however this is quite the opposite. We have all been victims in the past and wondered if there was a way to catch who did us wrong whether it be stealing or vandalism, etc. Today’s technological advancements have paved the way for some secret covert spy gear. There are HD pinhole cameras, spy camera watches, video and audio sunglasses, spy pens, listening devices, and some real sneaky spy gadgets in places you never knew existed. Think of what your wearing right now as there is potential to replace any article of clothing or jewelry into a secret high tech spy gadget so you are always ready for any situation that may come up.The cell phone technology has gone wild, but it’s very hard to look inconspicuous when trying to use these cameras and it is very obvious when you are trying to record video or snap a photo using it. Think of how many times you’ve been caught doing that already, the goal is to avoid blowing your cover. While being covert you can catch that neighbors dog eating your flowers, the lunch thief at work, record a conversation that has a potential “he said, she said” later on for your own protection, and use spy camera surveillance on any type of potential vandalism on your car, home or business, plus see who or what has been messing around in your backyard.There are also many different kinds of nanny cams to keep a close eye on your loved ones and pets in addition to your property. Having trouble with a roommate or sibling and can’t prove it? Well, now you can with the right spy gadget in place and have the unmistakable proof to show police and law enforcement. You can even use your own bug detector to see if someone is spying on you! The police swat teams use all sorts of gadgets to catch the crooks and now you have access that type of spy gear as well.Your probably wondering where can you buy spy equipment, the best spy gadgets can be found online in a matter of seconds. I live in a big city and have yet to find a good “spy store” in retail form.

How Building Backlinks Can Increase Traffic

Back links are known as incoming links to the website. These are also known as inbound links. These are used for representing the popularity of the website. These are mainly important for search engines like Google, SEO. These are online marketing strategies that increases traffic in the website. These links are used to increase the site traffic.It also generates incoming links from other websites as well. The idea of using these links is to make more people link to the site by which the popularity of the site increases. All this is possible only when the quality of the back links for the site is good. The traffic for the site depends on the users votes to for the site. It is done by including these links as part of the page rank algorithm.There are many different ways for traffic increase with the back links. These include directory submissions, new fresh press releases, linking to other blogs, forum posting, etc and many others. The traffic increases with the back links to the site can be built naturally. The links can be built naturally as follows:1. By providing unique, relevant, and having the best quality content for your site so that it attracts many people to link with the site.2. By writing good and interesting articles and then submitting them to the niche directories. These directories are ranked earlier for its features. Submitting articles to such ranked directories means increasing the traffic of own site. This is possible when the users click to view the articles submitted. It can generate best valid back links within the search engines.3. By finding the users who often link to other site and recommend them to link to your sites. This means by advertising the site to the users.4. By including the fresh press releases in detail in the site before others. This will increase the traffic of the site.5. By including the text space for the comments by the users who link to the site.6. The traffic also increases in representing the website that includes background pictures, colors used, etc.7. By bookmarking the site which helps in circulating the content to all the users.8. By writing contents for other sites is one of the best ways to increase the traffic of our own sites.9. By giving a small and interesting domain name to the site which helps in remembering for the users.10. By submitting blogs to the best ranked blog directories.11. By making use of the auto translator service to translate the site into different languages for the users staying in across the globe. This is one of the great ideas for making the site available across the globe and increases the traffic.12. By conducting the surveys on the site and offering some prizes to the users on winning. This will increase the traffic of the site as many users will be interested participating in the survey.13. By finding the best forums on the internet and post the sites for advertisement.I hope these 13 link ideas helps you start building more backlinks for your site and gets you on your way to a highly credible and high traffic site. Remember that there are places that can expand your knowledge, two of these places that I used successfully are Wealthy Affiliate and Worldwide Brands. You can never stop expanding your knowledge in this business because there is always something new to learn!

Bipolar Disorder Facts – Diagnosing the Condition and Differentiating One Type From Another

One of the mental illnesses that has given medical practitioners lots of concern is bipolar disorder. This is a condition that makes the victims to have mood swings from mania to depression or vice versa.Bipolar disorder is unfortunately a mental disease that tends to begin in childhood and gradually gets worse as they grow older. The problem with this is that you may miss its diagnosis at that tender age because you cannot be too sure of exactly what it is. As such, it gets the chance to actually get much worse.There are more children diagnosed with this disorder these days than ever before. Perhaps it has something to do with changes in society, or it may be that the diagnostic processes are constantly getting better. Either way, it means that treatment methods for kids will have to be stepped up a lot.There are all kinds of mental illnesses, and there are actually some of them that are manifestations of other mental illnesses. One of the most difficult to diagnose is bipolar disorder, because it often takes so long to complete its cycles. When this disease is suspected, the specialist usually takes a lot more time.Diagnosing a disease like bipolar-disorder can be a rather lengthy process most times. When you are in mania, the phase may last weeks or even months, and it could repeat itself for depression too. This makes it hard for the psychiatrist treating you to determine if it is one or the other that you suffer from… or both.

Don’t Be a “Big Loser” – Why You Should Say No to Quick Weight Loss

Patience. It’s the one thing you never seem to have when you’ve got a body fat problem. You want the fat gone and you want it gone now! And why not? It seems so do-able. Everywhere you look, you read and hear promises of quick weight loss and you even see people losing weight quickly. We have reality TV shows that actually encourage people to attempt “extreme” body makeovers or see who can lose weight the fastest, and the winners (or shall we say, the losers), are rewarded generously with fortune, fame and congratulations.Let’s face it. Everyone wants to get the fat off as quickly as possible – and having that desire is not wrong – it’s simply human nature. However, you must become aware of some serious problems that can occur if you try to force it and lose weight too quickly. The faster you lose weight, the more muscle you will lose with the fat, and that can really mess up your metabolism. An even bigger problem with fast weight loss is that the loss just won’t last. The faster you lose, the more likely you are to gain it back. Think about it: We don’t have a weight loss problem today, we have a “keeping the weight off” problem.Weight loss will be the healthiest, safest and most likely to be permanent if you set your goal for about two pounds per week (and even if you lose only a single pound each week, that is healthy progress). This is the recommendation of almost every legitimate and respected dietician, nutritionist, exercise physiologist and personal trainer, as well as exercise organizations such as the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Dietetic Association.Are there any exceptions to this rule? Is it ever okay to lose more than two pounds per week? The answer is yes. It may be OK to lose slightly more than two pounds per week if you have a lot of weight to lose because the rate of weight loss tends to be relative to your total starting body weight. Generally the rule is that it’s safe to lose up to 1% of your total body weight per week, so if you weigh 300 lbs to start, then 3 lbs a week is a reasonable goal.But there IS a catch.What really matters is not how much weight you lose, but how much FAT you lose. Where did your weight loss come from? Did you lose body fat or lean body mass?”Weight” is not the same as “fat.” Weight includes muscle, bone, internal organs as well as lots and lots of water. What you really want is fat loss, not weight loss. If you only wanted weight loss, I could show you an easy way to lose 20 or 25 pounds in about 5 minutes. Just come over to my house. I have a really sharp hacksaw in my garage, and we’ll just slice off one of your legs, after all it’s just extra “weight” right?Let’s look at an example with some numbers so you can really grasp this concept of weight versus fat and then you can see, clearly illustrated, what will happen when you lose weight too quickly (because I know you probably don’t believe me and you STILL want to lose weight as fast as possible… read on and it will all become clear to you).As an example, let’s take a 260 pound man who has a lot of body fat to lose – let’s call it 32%. With 32% fat, a 260 pounder has 83.2 pounds of body fat and 176.8 pounds of lean mass. Using this example, let’s look at a few possible scenarios with losses ranging from two to four pounds per week.Weight Loss Scenario 1:Suppose our 260 pound subject loses four full pounds instead of the recommended two pounds per week. Is this bad? Well, let’s see:If he loses a half a percent of body fat, here are his body composition results:256 lbs 31.5% body fat 80.6 lbs fat 175.4 lbs lean body massOut of the four pounds lost, 2.8 pounds were fat and 1.2 were lean mass. Not a disaster, but not good either. Thirty percent of the weight lost was lean tissue.Weight Loss Scenario 2:If he loses a half a percent of body fat and only three pounds, here are his results:257 lbs 31.5% body fat 80.9 lbs fat 176.1 lbs lean body massThese results are better. Although he lost less body weight than scenario one, in this instance, 2.3 pounds of fat and only 0.7 lbs of lean mass were lost.Weight Loss Scenario 3:What if he only lost two pounds? Here are the results:258 lbs 31.5% body fat 81.2 lbs fat 176.8 lbs lean body massThese results are perfect. Even though our subject has only lost two pounds, which seems slow, 100% of the two pound weight loss came from fat.Weight Loss Scenario 4:Now let’s suppose he loses three pounds but he loses more body fat: .8%257 lbs 31.2% body fat 80.2 lbs fat 176.8 lbs lean body massThese are the best results of all. When the weekly fat loss is .8%, 100% of the three pounds lost is fat.So the answer to the question is yes – it’s safe to lose more than two pounds per week… but only if the weight is all fat or at least mostly fat with minimal lean mass losses.If you take example one – with thirty percent lean tissue loss and compound that over a few months, you’re talking about a massive muscle tissue loss which can dramatically slow down your metabolism and turn you into nothing more than a “skinny fat person” (a person with low body weight because they lost all their muscle, but still holding stubborn body fat because they slowed down their metabolism).One thing you should know is that water weight losses sometimes distort the numbers, especially when you first begin a new nutrition and training program. It’s very common to lose 4 – 5 pounds in the first week on nearly any diet and exercise program and sometimes even more on low carb diets. Just remember, its NOT all fat – It’s water!The best advice you will EVER get is to focus on losing fat, not losing weight. If you lose three to five pounds per week, and you know it’s all fat, and not lean tissue, then more power to you!Of course the only way to know this is with body composition testing. For home self-testing, I recommend the Accu measure as first choice. I suggest using the bio-electric impedance analysis body fat scale only as second choice behind calipers for home self testing because this device gives some funky readings sometimes.Even better, get a professional caliper test from an experienced tester at a health club, or even a water (hydrostatic) or air (bod pod) displacement test.From literally hundreds of client case studies, I can confirm that it’s rare to lose more than 1.5 – 2.0 lbs of weight per week without losing some muscle along with it. If you exceed 2.0 to 3.0 pound per week, the probability of losing muscle is extremely high. If you lose muscle, you are damaging your metabolism and this will lead to a plateau and ultimately to relapse.Lack of patience is one of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to losing weight. If you want your weight loss to be PERMANENT, you have to take off the pounds slowly.This is one of the toughest lessons that overweight men and women have to learn – and they can be very hard learners. They fight kicking and screaming, insisting that they CAN and they MUST lose it faster.Then you have these TV shows that encourage the masses that rapid, crash weight loss is okay. I say to the producers of these shows SHAME ON YOU! To the personal trainers, registered dieticians and medical doctors who are associated with these programs, I say DOUBLE SHAME ON YOU, because you should know better.The rapid weight loss being promoted by the media for the sake of ratings and by the weight loss companies for the sake of profits today makes it even harder for those of us who are legitimate fitness and nutrition professionals because our clients say, “But look at so and so on TV – he lost 26 pounds in a week!”Sure, but 26 pounds of WHAT – and do you have any idea what the long term consequences are?Short term thinking, folks… foolish. There are hundreds of ways to lose weight quickly, but only one way to lose fat and keep it off in the long term.Do it the right way – the healthy and sensible way. Take off the pounds slowly with an intelligent nutrition and exercise program – make this a new lifestyle, not a race, and you will never have to take the pounds off again because they will be gone forever the first time. No more yo-yoing.

Reproductive Health Issues of Women

Women are prone to many problems and experience more health issues because of the menstrual troubles or troubles related to reproductive systems. Depression and women issues during menses require careful analysis.Menstrual Problemso Dysmenorrhoea is related to extreme pain during and around the time of their periods. The pain can be debilitating, and in some circumstances it is accompanied by nausea, dizziness, exhaustion, fainting, head aches and even constipation or diarrhoea. Constant low back ache is a congestive dysmenorrhoea where as cramping constricting pains is spasmodic dysmenorrhoea.o Menstrual cycles can vary from 23 days to 35 days. It is regular if your periods occur at regular intervals. Minor irregularities like a the period for a menstrual cycle varying from 25 days to 35 days the next cycle occurs are common. Large gaps and no periods, spotting as well as continuous bleeding for a few weeks when periods occur, warrant a visit to the doctor. This can find out if you have other complication like polycystic ovary syndrome.o Menorrhagia is excessive flow during periods. The average amount is usually around 35 ml over the course of the entire period. The easiest way to gauge for excessive flow is if you need to change your tampon or pad more frequently during the day.o Periods do not occur during pregnancy and breast feeding this is a natural reason. If the absence of periods for more than six months without natural causes then it is diagnosed as Amenorrhoea. Missed periods also occur at the beginning of puberty or toward menopause. Drugs too can be the cause of missed periods. Consult a doctor as amenorrhoea increases the risk of osteoporosis.o PMS or Premenstrual symptoms describe the symptoms that occur after ovulation and are absent during menses. There is an enormous list of symptoms nearly over 150 that cause confusion in its diagnosis. Depression, mood swings, food cravings, weight gain, headaches, constipation, bloating etc. are a few common symptoms. To make it easier PMS is categorized under types (type A, Type C etc.)Womb and Uterine troubleso Fibroids are non cancerous growths in or on the walls of the uterus. They are also called myomas. These vary in size from a small pea to the size of a seven month old foetus. Depending on where they grow (inside or outside the womb or within the uterine wall) they are classified as submucosal, intramural, subserol and penduculated fibroids. These are the cause of heavy periods and intense pain in some cases. Many menstrual troubles are related to growth of fibroids.o Endometriosis is a condition where the lining of the womb grows outside of the womb. It can grow in the ovaries, fallopian tubes, pelvis, bowels or bladder. The endometrium is sensitive to hormonal changes and bleeds during the menses. Since there is not outlet it causes scars, cysts inflammation etc. This condition can result in extremely painful periods and painful sex.o Hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus and is rarely performed except to save lives. The most common being heavy periods. It may also be suggested in cases of fibroids, endometriosis, prolapse, cancer or other pelvic inflammatory diseases.o Infertility or barrenness from a medical point of vies is caused by many factors. Ovulatory failure (may be due to polycystic ovary syndrome), Damage to fallopian tube, endometriosis as well as other problems cause infertility. Lifestyle factors, nutrition deficiencies and emotional elements may also be causes for infertility.Though Hair Loss is less in women other issues like Anorexia Symptoms, Seasonal Affective Disorder and Ovarian Cancer Symptoms do occur in some case. Identification and timely treatment of these lead to a healthier life.

Understanding Home Insurance Quotes

There are many issues to be considered when you purchase residential insurance. It is very important that you do your homework so that you can understand the basic principals of residential insurance coverage. This article will briefly discuss some of the basic features of residential insurance coverage. This should help you to understand residential insurance quotes.You should first do your homework so that you have a clear understanding of home insurance and how the insurance companies generate quotes for different types of coverage. In addition you may want to consider getting a quote for such unforeseen coverage as flood damage and protection from tornadoes or hurricanes depending on where you live. The bottom-line is that the more prepared you are the better you will be able to understand the basic elements of home insurance. This will put you in a position to get the best coverage available.You should understand that a home insurance quote will include the costs for the coverage of your property as well as liability coverage for the homes of your neighbors. This is because very often damage to your home will also affect the houses of your neighbors. Thus you home insurance policy must not only provide coverage for your home but it will provide liability coverage against damage to your neighbor’s home as well. Therefore it is important to keep this in mind when you are requesting a house insurance quote so that you can make sure that you have adequate coverage for your home and sufficient liability coverage to protect the homes of your neighbor. You may also want to include the cost to cover the contents of your home in your insurance coverage.The cost of your home insurance premium will depend upon many factors. These factors will include the size, location and the liability of your home. In terms of the size of your home the concern for insurance purposes is for the cost per square foot of your home. When the location of your home is considered the insurance company will want to know if your home is located in an upscale residential subdivision or in the inner-city. When the insurance company considers the liability of your home they are concerned with the contents of your home. Does the home contain valuable items which may be attractive to burglars? Together these factors give the insurance company a feel for the value of your home. This is the basis upon which your home insurance quote is issued.These are the various factors that are use by your insurance company to generate a home insurance quote. This quote will provide you with a cost perspective on how much it will cost to insurance your home. It is wise to get at least three different quotes so that you can compare and contrast the cost of the coverage that is offered by different insurance companies. This is the best way for you to assure that you will get the most cost effective home insurance quote.