2 Jobs From Home You Can Work For Six Figures a Year (Or Much, Much More)

By | April 16, 2023

If you’re looking into jobs from home, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you ignore the real estate market. With the number of foreclosures shooting up in recent years, there are opportunities galore for anyone looking for jobs from home that has a phone and an internet connection.The first major opportunity is working with tax sale overages. When a bidder bids more for a property at tax sale than is owed in taxes, what’s called a “tax sale overage” is created. Believe it or not, often these owners don’t realize they’re entitled to the funds and don’t collect them – and these run into the tens of thousands regularly.By doing the legwork to find these owners and reconnect them with their money, you can legally charge up to 50% of the claim amount for your service. This is not a hard business to learn, you can work the entire business from your home office, and best of all, there are just TONS of these overage funds out there. Hint: mortgage foreclosure creates overages too!On a $10,000 overage, you could make up to $5,000 – and that’s just one claim. Try closing a few a week, and you get the idea why when it comes to jobs from home, this is one of the best to get into. Not many people are working overages, and it’s an amazing time to get trained to collect overages.If you’re already interested in real estate, in addition to overages, why not try your hand at investing in property? You don’t need much money to do it, if you go about it the right way. Once again, you’ll want to be looking into tax foreclosures – but you’ll want to get them outside the auction by approaching the owners to buy the property after tax sale.This method is called “deed grabbing,” because you “grab the deed” right before it’s about to be lost permanently. The owner gets a year or so after tax sale to redeem the property. If you wait until the end of the redemption period, and then contact the owners that still haven’t redeemed, you’ll find a lot of owners desperate to sell, or who have given up and don’t care about the deed anymore. You can get property for as little as $200 during this time period.Either of these jobs from home have the potential to make you an easy six figure income – or much, much more than that. And real estate is a great market to get into, period. Now’s the time to take that leap and start getting involved – there is always opportunity somewhere in the real estate market, whether it’s up or down. And you can work either job fully from your home office.